Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome to Round Down Range 2.0

Welcome back to Round Down Range, my 15mm modern/sci-fi blog.  

I started the original blog last year to track the progress of my Colonial Marine Company project and to track my gaming with them using Chain Reaction 3.0 and Tomorrow's War.  I later expanded it to cover my modern gaming as well.  It was a great blog and it was a lot of fun to run.  But time cramped down on me and I didn't have as much time to man it.  I'm a teacher and 2d Semister is a real pain because of high-stakes testing.  So I had to lay off for a while and focus on work.  

When I went back to work on the blog during the summer I discovered something really bad!  Google and Blogger started doing some weird stuff with user accounts and in the process the original Round Down Range blog somehow got detached from my old username.  So no I can't get into it to maintain it... or do anything with it really.  It' still out there, the poor thing:

I've tried to get blogspot to fix this but nothing has happened. So, I'm sad to say, it's time to wave goodbye to the old blog and start up another one where the other left off.  I'll still link into it from time to time because it has a lot of my back story for the War on Liberty and for my Colonial Marine information.  But otherwise, the old blog is effectively dead... or is it undead!?!  It's not really gone.  It's there but with a "life" of its own.  Creepy...

Anyway, welcome to the new blog.  I hope you have fun watching me build miniature armies and build onto my world of Liberty.  It's been a hoot!  So see you on the battlefields on a world far away.

Semper Fi, carry on...

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