Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Saturday, October 20, 2012

USCMs and the LRL in FUBAR

I'm getting ready for my FUBAR game set for tomorrow night so I decided to go ahead and stat out my forces for the game.  I want a fairly quick game so I'm fielding only a section of USCMs and a couple of squads of LRLs with some technicals in support.  In addition to the usual FUBAR rules I'm using stuff from the Afganistan module and the Khurasan 15mm module.  Because I'm using 15mm I'm using the following mods to the movement rules:

 Walk–4”
 Duck & Weave or Assault – 6”
 Run–8”
 GotoGround–2”

So here is my OOB:

Alpha Section, 1st Platoon

Gnry Sgt Anderson:  Elite with M41 Pulse Rifle and Medium Armor
A: 2+ E: 4+ Save 5+
The Gunny has been there, done that.  Bugs?? So what.  Rebels.. yawn.  It's just another day in the Corps.

1st Squad:  Cpl Miranda, PFC Jordan (M56), Pvt Cooper, Pvt Juariz

Miranda is a Veteran, all the other marines are Seasoned.  Good old Jordan has grown a lot of the last year!  He's a fireteam leader now.  Miranda might be bumped up to Sergeant if he pulls off this mission and take over Alpha section.

2d Squad:  LCpl Higgins, PFC Crossley (M56), Pvt Mohammed, Pvt Franks

The whole squad is Seasoned.  Notice that Crossley is now a PFC! He won the Purple Heart a few months ago and recovered enough to return to duty with Alpha.  He's a fireteam boss too. 

All Marines are wearing medium armor.  The individual marines are armed with either M41A Pulse Rifles or M56 Smart Guns with the following stats:
AR:  24" 1 FP; 12" 2FP SUSAT sights with give +1 FP if the unit doesn't move (only AR)
GL:  16" (min 8") 3FP
M56 Smart Gun:  Same as light machine gun but with a SUSAT sight.

Supporting Anderson's section is a M577 APC:
Move: 12"  Armor: Medium  Weapons: Plasma cannon (Light cannon) Heavy MG.  2 Crewmen (Seasoned Driver and Commander/Gunner).


Going up against the boys of Alpha section are more LRL soldats.  These guys cracked Army heads last year near Centreville and now they're looking to seal the deal by taking out the Gunny's marines.  

3ème Peloton, 1ère Compagnie, 21e RI. 2d brigade d'infanterie

CP:  Sous-lieutenant Antoine DuValle, 1 Sgt, 2 PVTs
All seasoned.  DuValle is armed with a SMG, the Sgt and the PVTs are armed with ARs.  

1st Squad:  Cpl Jean Ouellette, 1 RPG, 4 Rifles
Cpl and RPG seasoned, others green.

2d Squad:  Cpl Pierre Devereux, 1 LMG, 4 Rifles
As 1st Squad.

3d Squad:  Cpl David Bellard, 1 RPG, 4 Rifles
Only the NCO is seasoned, the RPG and rifles are green.

All LRL troopers are Green, NCOs and special weapons troopers are seasoned.  All are armed with ARs and wearing light body armor.  LMGs and RPGs use the usual game rules.

Green Rating for LRL:  LRL troops are generally inexperienced but very eager troops.  They activate on 4+ and have an expertise of 6+.  The suppress as normal green troops.  Squad leader experience levels count toward their own shooting and activating the unit.  Otherwise the whole unit counts as green.

2 Technicals in support:
Rockjumper Pickup. Seasoned, Light Vehicle Armor. Armed with a Heavy Machine Gun.  There may be some Centerville Insurgent Cells in the action too...

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