Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Reinforcements for the LRL!

I just some new forces to round out my growing LRL force:

These are new additions to Khurasan Jon's old Sepulveda Resistance range.  Up until now you had only the basic resistance fighter with a basic, AK47 style, assault rifle, light armor, and  a skimpy skull cap.  These guys appear to be better equipped and armored than their follows as they are the beginnings of the Sepulvedian Regular Army.  So that's the role that they will play in my Liberty games.  My older resistance fighters will assume the role of LRL National Guard troops. 

I placed an order with Jon earlier this week and I can't wait until they show up.  For now I've ordered two command packs and four trooper packs.  That will give me 28 basic riflemen, 4 commanders, 4 medics, 4 RPGs, and 4 SAWs.  That should give me four squads of 11 troops each, or I can organized a more accurate platoon of LRL regulars with:

1 command squad:  1 LT, 1SGT, 1 Medic, 1 runner (rifles).
3 rifle squads:  1 cpl, 4 rifles, 1 SAW or RPG.

That's 22 out of my 48 troopers.  Depending on the troop count I might be able to start a second platoon as well! Down the line I may purchase additional figures to start a company HQ and a heavy weapons section.  It might look something like this:

1 SGT, 1 CPL, 2 drivers, 2 mortar teams (1 tube, two crew), 2 pulse gun/missile launch teams (1 gun/launcher mounted technical style with two crew), and finally two Rockjumper Crawlers.  That would give my LRL regulars a lot of mobile firepower!!

AFV wise, for when the LRL breaks out some actual mechanized infantry, I thinking about dropping the motley array of vehicles that I currently have and replace them with some nice Neo-Soviet gear!

These are some pretty big tracks and two of these machines could carry a full LRL regular platoon!  I may continue to use the hover APCs from GZG to represent the LRL regulars with older hand-me-downs or to represent the better armed National Guard units who would have French surplus equipment left over from the revolution.  

However, fear not.  The Rockjumper Crawler is just too darn useful for the LRL to drop.  It will continue to truck along as the carrier for LRL National Guard units and as heavy weapons carriers in the line companies.  
However all of the good, 1st line LRL units will be armed with newer Neo-Soviet gear!  In fact, according to reports coming out of the Republic of Liberty,  the LRL was able to purchase some of the Neo-Soviet Union's vaunted Red Banner tanks!  I was planning on getting some more this year but I found out that Jon is all sold out!  That's a shame, but I was able to secure a few of these armored monsters before they disappeared.  They should be finding their way onto the battlefields of Liberty pretty soon...  No longer with the USCMC be able to dominate the battlefields of Liberty with their AFVs!

I've also gotten my mitts on a full platoon of Neo-Soviet troops!  It seems that the Neo-Soviets have become very interested in the war on Liberty and have sent materials and even "advisors" to aid the fledgling LRL in its war of liberation!  I wonder how the Republic was able to secure BOTH French Union and Soviet support???

Hopefully I'll have the whole lot assembled by Thanksgiving and ready for an AAR.  Things are looking grim for the USCMC and the Liberty Colony defenders!  Stay tuned!!

Semper Fi, carry on.


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