Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Neo-Soviets spotted on Liberty!

Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted pictures of a game, but then again it's been awhile since I've played with my 15mm Sci-fi.  However a couple of weeks ago, over Spring Break, I caught the painting bug and started pained my Khurasan Sci-Fi Soviets and a few more Exterminator miniatures to play the role of US Army troops.

Anyway, not long after painting the figures my son, Jeremy, dragged me to the local game shop to play some 15mm Sci-fi.  The gamers at the shop are mostly card players so it was something different for them to see.  I got a lot of questions about the figures and rules that I used.  

This particular game was set in my world of Liberty and saw a mechanized platoon of Soviets clash with a US Army light infantry platoon.  We used Stargrunt for the rules!  Stargrunt!  What a blast from the past.  It's a nice, if clunky, system that plays well.  I still think Tomorrow's War is better, but since I was gaming with Jeremy I decided to go with something simpler.

So to set the scene elements of the Soviet 85th Space Rifle Regiment have landed near the US city of Jagerville in northern Liberty.  The Soviets landed near the aerospace port and cleared out scattered resistance.  With the Americans in flight the Soviets started moving small mechanized forces toward the city to clear out any remaining American resistance.

For the Americans the Soviet landing was sudden and smashing.  After a short, but ineffective, attempt to defend the aerospace port the remaining Americans fled to the city, leaving small rear guard elements  to slow down the rapid Soviet advance.

The resulting fight was pretty bloody.  Both sides scored a lot of hits and D6 light armor really isn't that great.  Also suppression in this game can be very harsh.  Placing supporting fires on the enemy can really limit their options.

We played for 2 turns and called it at that point... my wife needed me at home!  So here's some of the action.

Here a US rifle squad engages a Soviet Python infantry support mech.  Both sides blazed away at each other, but to no real effect.  The US IVARs just bounced off the Python's armor while the Soviets cannons caused some suppression in return.  Some seriously bad die rolling on everyone's part here!
One of the Soviet's objectives were to move troops off the board and that's what you're seeing here.  The BMP moved boldly between the two American strongpoints and shrugged off ineffective US fire.  Even a well shot GMS/P failed miserably to breach the Bimp's massive armor belt.  Yeah, the Americans really needed a MBT or at least a GMS/H.

Another brutal slugging match between a Python and a US squad.  The brave trooper in the center of the picture has a plasma infantry gun, which along with an IVAR, sought to drive off the Python.  The GI scored a solid hit but rolled really badly during the impact vs. armor roll.  Starting to see a theme here???

Another view of the Python on the right flank.

A grunt's eye view here.
Turn two- More Soviet and Liberty Rebel forces moving between the US strongpoints.  The Rockjumper didn't share the same lucky streak that the other Soviet forces had.  US grunts with M41B Pulse Rifles poured fire on this technical and chopped it and its crew to pieces.  Finally, things are looking up for the Americans!

To the left side of this picture you can see the Soviet's BTR rolling behind the BMP.  The Soviets were a bit cautious with the BTR.  It's only a class 3 vehicle sporting class 2 armor.  So he kind of hung back and fired its cannon to support the BMP.  I tossed a GMS/P at it and missed.  Good spoofing roll by the Soviets!  It was basic ECM vs. enhanced guidance.  Crummy luck for me because the GMS/P actually had a chance here!

Here you can see the American's left flank strongpoint.  The Rockjumper will be dying in just a bit from small arms fire from the small US fireteam that's just to its left.  The US squad on the right it pretty fixed on the BTR.  The BMP wasn't too sure about what to do.  So it sat there, off frame, and fired on US forces.

In this picture you can see the Soviet MBT with the survivors of the other Rockjumper.  The T-555 Red Banner-U pretty much moved onto the board and sat right here for the rest of the game.  He never even fired a shot.  Instead he used his actions to pass orders and move other units.  I shouldn't have placed the platoon commander in the unit's most powerful unit.  Tbe CO should be passing orders in Stargrunt, not playing panzer jockey.  That is what he did in this game and by doing so the he kept his most potent unit out of the fight.  I might have to make another BTR the platoon/company command unit in the future.

More turn 1 action here.  The BTR moved up to the dead Rockjumper and tried to knock out the sentry gun.  He scored a hit or two on it and blasted it into atoms.  It wasn't the best of ideas to place a sentry gun right on the enemies' avenue of approach.  I should have put it off to a flank or something.

Another look at the US left flank.  The Soviet commander is going over his plans!

A nice view of the gap that the Soviets had to move though.  You can see both American strongpoints in this shot.

Anyway, the game ended at the end of turn two.  The Soviets didn't exit a single vehicle.  They were just too busy exchanging fire with the US strongpoints.

Not the best of games, but it was fun and we got to try out Stargrunt.  It's definitely worth trying out again when we have more figures and time.

I have to give Khurasan thumbs up for their vehicles and troops.  It was a lot of fun to paint them up and see them, finally, on the game board.  I still have several more BMPs and BTRs to paint up along with another 40 or so motor rifles to go with them.  Once they are done I'll have two full platoons of BMPs and BTRs (three vehicles each) and I plan to get a few more Red Banners to strengthen the force.

All in all, it was a nice time out with some excellent minis.

Time now Charlie Mike.

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