Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 3rd Grade Wargame

Hi all,

One thing I do as a teacher is during our "Hero" unit at the end of the school year I pick out a military hero for the students to learn about.  This year we studied Staff Sergeant Paul Smith of the 3rd Infantry Division and why he won the Medal of Honor during the Battle of Baghdad in 2003.  We studied the battle, built a battlefield, and painted up miniatures for the battle.  Here are some of the miniatures my students painted up.  Pretty good for a bunch of 9 year olds!

All of the terrain was scratch built using materials we had in the classroom.

 Here's some of the terrain we built.  I drew the templates, however the kids did all of the coloring and assembly.
 Making paper palm trees is a pain!  But we managed to make enough to fit the scenario.  The biggest problem was that the bases were too small.  Every time someone moved a stand of timber would fall!
 Here's the game.  The boys are playing the Americans while the girls played the Iraqis.  It was a pretty tough fight for the girls as the boys had lots of firepower.
 However the girls pulled it off!  They scored some critical hits and won just enough victory points to snatch the win from the boys.  The kid wearing the "HI" shirt told me that she probably wouldn't play because it wasn't her thing.  It turned out that she would become the Iraqi/girl team captain and she led her team to victory!  She told me after the game that she had a great time and that it was a "very tense" game!
 Some Iraqi close-ups.

 US engineers with their supporting vehicles.  Sorry, we didn't finish the M113 in time.  But at least it got a decent base coat!
 Here's a better shot.
Thanks for stopping by.  Maybe we'll go sci-fi next year.

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