Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Saturday, April 13, 2013

3rd Shock Guards Brigade!

Time for some Neo-Soviet fun!  

The last couple of years for the Liberty Project have been focused on US and Liberty forces so my 15mm collection has had a distinctive "western" look to them with maybe a few odd terrorist/insurgents tossed in.  While I love the LRL and its impromptu, ad hoc vibe I think it's time to have a more menacing OPFOR join into the fun.  And honestly, who better than the evil empire itself?  The Neo-Soviets!

The old Soviet Union was a classic, conventional, foe.  Their vast armies of mechanized troops and powerful regiments of tanks scared the bejesus out of generations of NATO troopers in Germany.  In fact, I was probably one of the very last troopers to go through the Armor School with training aimed right at fighting the Soviets!  So yeah, I have a soft spot for the Red Army of yore!

So I want my Neo-Soviets to echo that force: lots of AFVs, tough motor riflemen, and nearly unstoppable tanks, but with a distinct pseudo-futuristic look!  So que in the comrades of the elite 3rd Shock Guards Brigade!

The 3 SGB is a independent unit that is part of the Neo-Soviet Union's off-world army and as such it is equipped and trained to fight with just the resources on hand... and they are considerable!  The core of the 3 SGB are its three maneuver battalions each with three mechanized companies.  Each mechanized company is based around three motor rifle platoons with 3 BMP-20 Yozhiks or BTR-15 "Turtle".  These core troops are happily available from Khurasan miniatures and from Antenocitis Workshop.

Motor riflemen: Khurasan Red Faction Infantry

BMP-20: Khurasan Yozhik



I have the Khurasan infantry and APCs but I don't have the Kabardins yet.  Maybe this summer!  I purchased the Khurasan platoon pack for the infantry so I have three rifle squads and two heavy weapons squads.  I'll probably organize them into a single platoon with the BMP squads being 6 strong and the BTR squads being 10 strong.  I might break up the weapons squads and attach them to the troops in the carriers or I'll just have to grab another APC!

For heavy support forces I'm going with the old Red Banner tanks from Khurasan:

I'm going to 'trick out' the Soviet tanks and I plan to get a couple for my LRL forces, but in the vanilla flavor without the armor or special weapons.  I have one tank right now that I'll keep for the LRL.  Any new ones will be for the 3 SGB and will become, over the months to come, a full tank platoon of three tanks... or I'll just cheese out and buy the platoon pack with my end-of-the-school-year emolument check. 

Mecha... hey, it's sci-fi, you've got to have mecha.  I already have two old VOR Ursa battlesuits:

I just love them!  They are HUGE for 15mm, bulky, awkward, and just downright scary!  I'll probably use them just for the simple fact that I have them!  But I have to say, I'm seriously tempted by these guys:

AT $9.99 for a pack of 2 I'm betting that they are very small compared to my Ursa.  But maybe they can be the Neo-Soviet answer to the American Valkyries?

The Valkyries are the two small mechs next to the big Ares.  These are Battletech Valkyrie light mechs and they are 1/285th scale, however they make for some great battlesuits in 15mm.  I can easily see the head tipping over and a crewman climbing into the chest of these things.  Maybe the Pocket Mecha are the same size.

Anyway the plan is to have a demi-company with one complete BMP platoon, a tank section, a mecha section, and the command team.  That will be the foot in the door that might eventually become a full company with 10 BMPs and 3 T-555 Red Banners!  That should put the fear of Stalin into the capitalist pigs on Liberty!

Anyway, enough for now.  Time to gather up the minis and get them ready!

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