Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Ultra-FUBAR updates from Craig

Hi all,

Craig just tossed this out for FUBAR:

Choice   Actions         Effect
Move   One   An infantry unit can move 6”, a vehicle possibly further. 
Shoot   One  The Unit can fire at an enemy, see Ranged Combat.
Fight   One        The Unit can carry on with close combat against an enemy that is already in close combat with it.
Assault   Two The Unit can move up to an enemy and engage in Close Combat.
Run           Two The Unit can make a double move.
Aimed Fire  Two        The Unit can fire at an enemy with a ranged combat bonus of +1.
Disengage   Two       The Unit can withdraw from close combat one move (i.e. 6” for infantry).
Overwatch   Two The Unit reserves its action until later in the turn, when it can then fire at an enemy.
Counter-attack Two  The Unit reserves its action until later in the turn when it is assaulted by an enemy. Counter-attacking denies the assault its assault bonus.

Sorry about the formatting issues up there.  Anyway, this is a nice step in the direction of getting the activation system.  I'll play around with them some and get them into my Liberty FUBAR 15mm set.  I'm assuming that vehicles follow these rules as well with a shoot activation allowing an AFV to fire off all of its weapons unless the unit has a special rule for that.  

Looks like some cool stuff that I'll have to try out with my next game.

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