Scouts Out!

Scouts Out!
C Troop musters for action

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The 16th Space Assault Brigade has arrived!

Well, they've actually been around for a couple of months but I've just now gotten round to painting up a few of them.  They'll be hitting the battlefield of Liberty as a relief force headed up by the UK's elite 16 Space Assault Brigade!  1 PARA, 2 PARA, and 3 PARA make up the infantry battalions of this force, so in honor of the Parachute Regiment I decided to paint these guys up as British Red Devils complete with the famous maroon beret.  I also borrowed colors from WWII British paratroopers to make up their palette:

 I do like the contrast that the English Uniform shade makes when it matches up with the basic greens of the uniform and armor.  I'll probably do some more highlighting later for the armor and web gear.
 The fellow on the far right of this picture has an interesting history.  My daughter, Shelby, snatched him off my work table and decided to paint him in maroon.  I didn't catch her until it was too late so now he has a bit of a bloody appearance.  I've already nicknamed him "Bloody" Bill.  Hopefully he won't be a casualty in every game!
 "Bloody" Bill's fireteam minus the LMG.  
 Part of Fire Team A and the platoon command team.  The Platoon Commander, Lt. Daniel Asbury, is the fellow in the maroon beret in the second rank.

We'll see how the lads stand-up to the Neo-Soviet threat that will soon invade Liberty!


  1. great job, the imperials are still for sale, my email